Sunday, June 2

Wet Weekend

This past weekend was pretty wet.

Saturday was ok so the boys played outside almost the entire day.  They ran, and jumped on the castle.  Rode their bikes..climbed on the new deck... yes new deck.

Q finished the deck yesterday.  All we need now are railing but the deck is only 2 feet off the ground so it will be fine until the railings are good.  I did more work in the yard.  Cutting the grass, weeding, making sure all the plants are doing ok.  We set up the hoops for the hoop house, now all we need to do is get some poly from Calgary next weekend.   The potatoes are getting huge already!  I have already needed to top up their soil twice!

My ass is sore from cutting the lawn... a very big lawn with a manual mower.  Love our manual mower especially when the kids can help and they do not have to run away from the smell or sound of a gas mower!  Plus a free workout.

The boys are doing ok, T has a bit of a cough that started yesterday.  He feels a little warm and tired but overly ok.  Cy is doing great!  Such a charmer to be around!  He has so many stories lately, and when he tells a joke his eyes light up!  I love it!  T is trying so hard to be a big boy too!  He laughs all the time :)

Today was a rain day.  We even had a fire.. very cozy.  Cy and Q went on a boys date to town and T and I hang out at home.  We played train and I started a beef stew for dinner!  It was soo yummy.  I am so glad that I made a huge amount so we can have some another day too.

The house is really coming along.  More later now some cute photos and sleep for me!

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