Saturday, March 10

March fun!

The boys and I made rainbow cake to celebrate St.Patty's Day. It turned out really well! Cy helped to measure out the ingredients and mix each color into the batter. He has also learned a "colors of the rainbow" song. He sang it many times so that we could get the colors in order.
Cy wanted chocolate icing and T wanted vanilla, so chocolate on the outside and vanilla in the middle. Yum!
Of course they both helped "clean" the spoons :)

Daddy and T

Last week it snowed like crazy so the boys took full advantage because the temp was spose to rise!
We went sledding and played in the yard. Ate lots of snow.
Then I shoveled a huge pile of snow... the next day the boys and I dug a tunnel out of it!
The best fun!
This is my new favorite pic of cy!

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