Friday, August 26

Fitness Update

I know it's been a while. After the evil sinus cold it seemed that our little family has caught every bug that comes our way. With colds, stomach flu, ect we never get a break. This week at the beginning I had the end of another flu bug but today I finally feel ok (the boys are still sick, cy up all night puking, and t too!)

These are my current stats:

Waist: 27 inches -0.5
Hips: 33
Belly:32 -1.5
Thigh R:21 -0.5
Thigh L:21 -0.75
Body fat: 19%

Over all not bad, actually really surprising considering the lack of workout in the past 3 weeks and the increase in junk food (it seems to agree with my tummy when i am sick)
I guess all the walking with the kids and playing really makes a difference.

My goals are bodyfat 17%
Hips: 31"

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