Wednesday, July 20


Yesterday the weather turned crazy and was dark light night at about 6 pm! It started pouring with thunder and lightening. There was thunder right outside our window, it made me jump and squeek! I swear it was right in our yard. Then the hail started. Our plants looked ok but when the hail wouldn't stop Q and I had to brave the weather. I wore his motorcycle helmet. It only took us a few minutes to move all the tomato plants but we were soaked when we got back in.
Bonus : Our bedrooms were cool enough to get a good sleep in, they have been so hot and stuffy lately.

We have added a new fuzz animal to our family...
French bulldogs usually go for about $2000, unspayed and vaccinated. I have been looking for own for a while and there she was!

After picking her up on Saturday we all went 4 by 4 ing in Q's new orange truck. We played for about 30 min when a huge puddle called the truck... I briefly thought (we better check the depth) right before we drove in and got completely stuck. Q opened the door and water came rushing in! That's how high it was, over the door. At this time the winch on the truck was not working. Here we are suck in about 2.5 feet of water, no cell reception, and no winch. Lucky for us a really nice guy on an ATV pulled us out with his winch! Thanks (J)!

All went well, the truck still needs some water cleaned out of the engine but it is mostly clean! What a busy few weeks!

My sister's husband has landed a job down under... YES Australia! They are moving in 2 days! It's so crazy... an awesome opportunity, but so far away! They are flying out in 2 days so we are all having a BBQ at my other sister's house. I am afraid we are not going to see our niece and nephew until they are old and teenagers. We would love to go visit but Australia is so far away! It seems that it was a pipe dream but then it is actually happening... so I am going to stop writing now so I do not ruin my keyboard with tears :( So happy but sad too!

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