Thursday, July 22


Tonight I started to wean ter off the boob but just for sleep.  This way when I transfer him into his own bed then it will be easier (hopefully) then it was with cy.  Tonight I wrapped ter and cuddled/rocked him until he fell asleep.  It took about 14min.  So not too bad.  I remember with cy that from about 10 months until about 2 yrs we had trouble getting cy to sleep on his own.  It took forever and each night was SO stressful!  I do love nursing baby so I am going to continue until he weans himself like his older brother did (at 14 months).  Just not to fall asleep with.  It helps that my mom watches the boys in the morning while I work so she already gets him to sleep this way without the boob or bottle.  Both my boys have refused a bottle or pacifier.  When I have him totally weaned off sleep booby then I am going to move the baby matress into our room and put it on the floor for him to sleep on.   Baby steps...  
Another note we had a great day.  Q did not work today so he played with the boys all morning while I worked and managed to clean the house too!  Yay
Then the boys and I played....with coloring, blocks, went for a walk, cy buttered and cut bananas, cy also folded cloths, ter army crawled everywhere!  Cy helped me make snacking cake which did not turn out...then after they went to sleep I made so playdough for tomorrow!

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