Tuesday, February 23

Long Time no Post

I would like to get back into posting.  If you look at the last year you will see that I was quite god at posting and putting pics of the boys.  This year I have fallen off the bandwagon so I am jumping right back on.

It was about 7 ish when the incident occurred.. I was getting C's bath ready and looking for bubbles when I heard a splash...yes folks my boy jumped into the bath fully dressed.  He doesn't look too concerned eh?

C has been having some issues when it comes time to go to bed.  Even at nap time.  First it was that he became scared of his lights.  Hubby had to hang some blankets over them.  Now when you put him to bed he screams like he is being attacked.  After some searching on the net I realized that C has developed separation anxiety.  Daddy has been going to school for the past 2 months 1 hour away.  He leaves on Monday and comes home on wed ( most weeks) but has stayed whole weeks sometimes.  This has caused C to be concerned that if he goes to sleep mommy might go away too!

Tonight I tried to put him to bed and tell him I would check on him in 2 minutes.  About 30 sec later the screaming started.  I ended up just sitting with him.  He fell asleep after about 10 min.  Thank the heavens!  Bed time is SO stressful now.

We went to the library today...I borrowed a book on gardening!  It felt like spring yesterday and today...I can't wait!  Here is or garden last year.  This year I want to do more!

Sorry my pics are not working but I will get them up tomorrow... Have a great night everybody!

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Laura's Blog said...

Aww poor Cy, I bet he will be happy now that Daddy is home for good! and done school. Silly boy for jumping into the bath fully clothed!