Wednesday, January 6


It has been a really busy couple of weeks.  I have lost a total of 14.9lbs since I had T on Nov2.  I only have 15.1 to go!  

T is 2 months old now and getting stronger and bigger everyday.  He is booked in for his shots on friday so I will have a new weight for him.

Cy is 2 yrs old!  Where did the time go? I love how much fun he is, now he has started to play pretend.  Lots of his toys go to bed and need food and juice.  It is adorable to watch.  He is obsessed with balls, toy balls.  He loves playing with them, carrying them around, and pointing out anything that looks like a ball.

Taffee had a tooth pulled was absessed, so now she feels better.

Q started school this past wednesday in Calgary.  I can't wait until he is finished..he really likes it though.

Koeywon just keeps getting older but never slows down...only the grey hair shows his age.

Zeena and C are in a war...

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